Bob the Builder saved by CX

bob the builderMeet Bob. Bob in the Managing Director and Owner of his own building company in his hometown, Craneville for the past 30 years. In addition, Bob runs around 10 hardware stores in his area.  Bob grew really fast at the expense of his customers and staff which he continuously ignored their needs in order to make the extra few bucks! However, Bob is currently struggling financially, and if he carries on like the way he is, he will close his doors for business before Christmas 2014. But why should he change anything? Bob’s business model he has relies on has never let him down. Sure Bob’s business has experienced good and bad times. But anybody that has an idea about business management or economics will tell you that these business cycles belong to a healthy progressive growth chart. The financial crash of 2008 and the stagnation of Europe & American markets have somehow left a negative lingering effect on his business. Bob is barely keeping his head above water and all his tricks in his book, which he have relied on in the past, don’t seem to work anymore!

The credit crunch left Bob’s customers out of pocket and forced them to look for better value for money and an improved quality elsewhere. Add to that that Bob’s customers have ever easier access to the internet, where his customers have all Bob’s competitor’s product & service information on hand at a click of a button.

The customer of today has changed dramatically over the last decade. If you as a company have not reacted to this, then you might end up like Bob.

bob_the_builder- unhappyBob needs to think fast. He starts Googling his business name online. He sees loads of negative comments about his business. Bob’s customers are unhappy. And have been for a while. Bob is gob-smacked. He can’t believe what he is reading. All this time, Bob was running his business in a way that neither his staff nor customers approved of. Bob needs to act fast! So he phones a local customer experience company and after a lengthy evaluation the following was recommended:

1.       Digital Makeover

  • Website update by focusing on ‘ease of use’, logical roadmap, clear navigation, crucial business information and security.
  • Online presence management through building, growing and maintaining social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ ect)

 2.       In-Store» Solutions

  • Customised «In-Store» and «Mobile» customer feedback products
  • Mystery shopping reporting
  • Customer interview reporting
  • Staff survey reporting
  • Store layout analysis

 3.       «Customer-Care» Solutions

  • Creation and optimization Customer Service Center
  • Successful IT Services and Support Solutions

 4.       Employee training & coaching

  • Customer focused
  • Team focused
  • Communication skills
  • Sale skills


SliderAfter a lengthy period of time, lot of money and hard work, Bob finally can reap his rewards. His employees finally have the skills to attend to his customer’s requests and queries. This makes his staff engaged and his customers are starting to see the difference in the staff’s mood and quality of work. This pleases the customers and they start to provide feedback through the channels provided by Bob. Bob starts to take the feedbacks seriously and initiates improvements based on the feedback gathered. Customers appreciate this and start buying more. Because Bob also pimped up his website, Bob’s customers start to purchase online. Bob stays in constant contact with his customers through his newly found passion; ‘Social Media’. Hi is dedicated and makes each customer feel special and part of the Building family.


Well done Bob! A good customer experience strategy saved your business and you now rolling in the cash again.  I hope Bob learnt his lesson:

Listen to your Customer. Engage with your Customer. Evolve with your Customer.  Love your Job.


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