Give me that WOW Effect!

Can you remember the last time you experienced a WOW effect? That “out of this world” customer service experience that exceeded all your expectations. Where you were so impressed with the service you received that you told everybody you know and everybody else you don’t know.

Marco PoloI think I did. I went into a branded clothing store Marc O’Polo and was looking for a pair of jeans. The shop assist approached me and asked what size I was looking for. He then got me the right size of that particular pair and another cut that he thought would look great on me. I tried them both on. The sizes were too small (maybe I have put on some weight or perhaps the sizes are getting cut smaller). I stepped out of the changing room and behold the same sales assistant was there. He asked how the fitted and went back onto the shop floor to get me bigger pairs. Without showing my face in public, I disappeared back behind the curtains and jumped into the one pair without a hassle. Perfect! “I’ll take these”, I squealed with excitement. He led me to the cashier and smiled as I swiped my card to close of the transaction. I walked out the store feeling a sense of accomplishment and was excited with my purchase.
I told my family and friends about it for days and to date I am still convinced that these jeans are the best I ever bought.

But was the one of the legendary WOW service experience? It could be that that was the sales assists job profile. To provide expert advice, smile, provide recommendations be customer focused, be motivated at work and sell. And if that is his Job profile, then why would I rate the service so high. After all, he was doing what was actually expected from him. The customer service excellence lies in how customers measure our experiences on price, personal expectations previous experiences, competitors and the advertisements we are subjected to.

SwissWhat about this little story about my brother who flew back from South Africa on Swiss,  on his birthday. Upon departure, an airhostess came to his seat, greeted him with his name, wished him a happy birthday and presented him a glass of champagne from the 1st class trolley.
Now that’s a WOW experience. It was more than what my brother expected from the airline and it positively surprised him. I still don’t hear the end of it!

To summarise the two events:
The 1st one is a decent service one can expect forma retailer, but was unexpected positive surprise.
The 2nd one was something unexpected and a “cherry on top” kind of experience.
So which one is better? One could argue Swiss takes the cake as it exceeded expectations. But I say both were equally great! Purely because Marc O’Polo’s service is simply better than the average clothing retailers I do my shopping at. And that’s really the secret trick in providing that WOW factor:

Do things better than your competitors.

Here are the six simple questions to measure “WOW” – and your ultimate success. A formatted survey form is available here –
1. I was delighted with my experience of your brand, (product or service.)
2. I will always continue to purchase your brand, (product or service.) I love it!
3. I will always recommend your brand, (product or service) to my friends, associates and others.
4. I can always trust your brand, (product or service.)
5. I feel proud to be your brand, (product, service) customer, (user, owner.)
6. Your brand, (product, service) is perfect for people like me, and I can’t imagine a world without it.


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