Activ Fitness – Activ Unfriendliness


 So Inspector Ralf! (that’s me) is a fitness junkie. I thoroughly enjoy popping down to my local gym to pump some iron, sweat it out on the rowing machines and … Continue Reading →


Smart, demanding Customer seeks knowledgeable, Human contact that care


 According to, most customers (or 59%) still prefer popping into a store to interact with a brand. This supports the fact the majority of customers are social beings, still … Continue Reading →


Hiltl – Vegan-Biber Event


 Wusstet Ihr, dass die veganen Biber der Hiltl Laden im Zürcher Oberland hergestellt werden? Die beiden Brüder Claudio und Silvan von der Leibacher Biber-Manufaktur haben das Team von Inspector Ralf! eingeladen, die Backstube in … Continue Reading →


Customers vs Consumers! Who will prevail?


 As a company do you call the target market that purchases you products & services “Customers” or “Consumers”? As an end consumer, do you prefer companies refer to you as … Continue Reading →


Migros vs Coop “The Battle of the Brands”


 If you, like me, have carefully studied the history of Europe, you would know that the country boarders have shift plenty of times. Over 1000 years ago,  when Switzerland looked … Continue Reading →


“A Mushroom Swiss Burger with a side of Hugs please Tim”


 Now-a-days top companies, including restaurants, have access to complex databases, whereby they can improve their customer experience using all kinds of complex algorithmic formulas. The access to these on-hand database … Continue Reading →

Roman Cardo Pillars and Soldiers at Beit She'an, Israel

10 Pillars behind Exceptional Customer Experience (Part 2 of 2)


 Welcome back! Today I shall discuss the last 5 pillars behind Exceptional Customer Experience ECX. If you have not read part I of this two part blog then may I … Continue Reading →


The Taste of Greece


 Vor etwas mehr als einer Woche hat in den Gebäuden der Europaallee in Zürich ein neues Delikatessengeschäft seine Türen geöffnet und natürlich war auch Inspector Ralf! Vorort in den ersten … Continue Reading →


Wake up and smell the coffee at Zürch HB


 So you are an Early Bird and need to catch the worm at 5am. Or it is getting late and you want to make sure you do not fall asleep … Continue Reading →

2013-12-13 19.46.35

Coffee with Style


 After a long day at a workshop in Altstetten, I popped past the Nespresso Boutique in Löwenstrasse. I really did not want to be stuck in a busy store just … Continue Reading →

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